That Eternal-Life-Food

September 21, 2014

Jesus has given us this command: “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life which the Son of Man will give you.” (John 6:27) Yet what is it that most people in the world are working hard to attain? What is it which drives them to go hither and thither, being busy, busy, busy? It is the desire for the world’s food. It is the world’s nourishment they seek. It is the world’s crumbs –those rotting, hollow, and counterfeit joys and support systems– that they are striving so hard to possess and eat.

But Jesus has instructed us to reject such a pursuit. Instead, He has told us, we are to work for that Food which does not evaporate or perish but which lasts and gives true and eternal life.

What is this Eternal-Life-Food? Jesus has informed us in the same chapter that this Food is Him –His body and His blood. He has told us to nourish ourselves on Him. He has let us know that because the Father has placed His seal of approval on the Son of Man (also in v. 27), He (Jesus) is qualified and able to give us this lasting Food. Because He came down from Heaven and gave His life for the world (v. 33) His flesh eaten produces eternal life. (v. 50,51)

Jesus’ flesh and blood which He has spoken about that we are to eat and drink (v. 53-58) is actually His Spirit which comes by way of His words. (v. 63) Therefore if we do not nourish ourselves with the Word of God, Christ is not in us and we are not abiding in Eternal Life. (v. 53) Yes, our physical bodies need physical food, for that is how God created us. But our spirits must be nourished with spiritual food (Mt. 4:4), and the only True Food, the only Food that produces eternal life, is Jesus who is the Word of God. (John 1:1,14)

Let’s caution ourselves, though, about one thing: It is not enough to just eat (read) the Word of God. We must digest it (meditate on it) and let it work in our spirits so that it produces that Life which it is supposed to produce in us. We must let it strengthen us and let it be our source of godly action, our source of power to do the Lord’s will. We know that without the Spirit we can do nothing; thus we need Him. But the Spirit is filled up in us when we read the Word and put it into practice.

Let’s stop striving for food that does not profit our eternal souls, but instead strive –daily– for the Eternal-Life-Food which Jesus gives us through His Spirit in His Word.

with love,

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