The Rewards Of Patience

September 4, 2014

What I received from reading Ps. 40 this morning:

Waiting with patience brings reward. The reward is that we will see that the Lord has heard our cry and turned to us (Ps. 40:1), that He has lifted us out of the slimy pit (v. 2), that He has planted our feet upon a firm rock (same verse), and that He has given us a new hymn of praise to Him. (v. 3) On top of all this reward, we can know that our deliverance caused others to recognize the Lord’s might and faithfulness so that they too have come to fear and trust in the Lord (v. 3) and are thus able to receive blessing as well. (v. 4)

Praise be to the Lord! Yes, I will exalt the Lord in the hearing of the people (v. 9,10), proclaiming that the Lord is always righteous and always faithful (same verses), that He is Love and that He is Truth. (same verses) In fact, because we can count on the Lord’s wonderful character, we can be assured that He will always protect (v. 11) those who abide, through their submission and faith, in His mercy. (same verse) We can know that we who seek the Lord will always have His joy within us so that we can rejoice and be glad in Him at all times, no matter the wind and the waves. (v. 16) Yes, those who experience, love, and see the salvation and deliverance of the Lord can continually exclaim, “The LORD be magnified!” (v. 16)

We praise in faith and love and trust, but it is patience which actually manifests more reasons we praise.

Many, O Lord, are the wonders You have done, the plans You have brought about for us, and the good things You have done for us! (v. 5) –Too many to recount! (same verse)

with love,

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