Forever, You Reign, Lord God!

August 21, 2014

Upon getting up this morning, the Lord gave me songs of praises to Him. I always am so thankful when it flows.

Lord God, You are the reigning King.
Forever… forever…
You are beautiful and kind,
Compassionate to all You have made.

We love to see You,
Your glory and Your throne.
We love to exalt You,
For You alone are worthy to be praised.

Thank You. Thank You for Your love.
Thank You, my Savior
For being my God.
You are the True God.

Your name is Jesus.
You are the Lamb who was slain,
But rose again,
To make a way to You,
To dwell with You,
Casting away our sin,
For You are pure and holy.

In You, we are blessed.
In You, we have strength.
In You, we have wisdom, power, and righteousness.
Please make us just like You.

Lord, I love You.
Lord, I truly love You,
And worship You.
My King, The King,
The King of kings
And Lord of lords
You are.

So, I praise, exalt, and sing,
Acclaiming You and who You are.
Worshiping and trusting,
In Your Name and Word–
Which I love so much.

Yes, the Lord lives!
Praise be to the Rock
Of our salvation!
Mighty… mighty and all-powerful,
Glorious and wonderful!
Wisdom, Love, and Holiness You are,
You are.

Oh Lord, You do reign,
And I bow to Your Most Holy Name.
Acknowledging and thanking You,
You who rule over the nations,
The peoples, and all creation.

Thank You, God.
I lift up my praises,
And extol You,
The Sovereign King.
Forever, those who love You,
Will worship You who reigns,
Who reigns forever.
Yes, forever.

with love,

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