Opportunities From The Lord

August 17, 2014

It was really nice yesterday to be able to drive back out to the country to see several friends I miss. I stopped at Mr. and Mrs. B’s house (an elderly couple who I’ve written about several times before) and they invited me to stay for lunch. It was special to talk with them and also with their son whose wife is recovering from a coma she was in last year and who I prayed for a lot. Mr. B is completely over his colon cancer (which is a huge relief since he and Mrs. B have continued to stubbornly resist repentance and salvation in Jesus). But, I prayed aloud for them at the lunch table and took opportunities during our conversation to mention the Lord’s goodness, and all three actually seemed to have softened a bit toward the Gospel. May the Lord open their eyes to their need for salvation and enable them to submit their hearts to Him, ask for cleansing, and be reborn.

Later I stopped to see the sweet group at the Sabbath church and talked with them. My one friend who has been fighting lung cancer (the holistic way) for a year (no she wasn’t a smoker) is thin and gaunt, but she was still there at church –still elegant, gracious, and smiley as ever. Though I’d never made myself a regular of their church, I actually went pretty often after having grown to love that group while attending their Bible Study throughout ’06 and ’07. May the Lord bless them for the love they show others.

I had the opportunity to talk with a young married couple (whose wedding I attended), who have three small children, and who are struggling due to a job loss. I was able to encourage them by reminding them of God’s faithfulness in my own life and also by praying aloud for them that the Lord would bring them joy in learning from the trial’s lessons. May God grant them perseverance in faith and courage, as well as His great mercy.

Of course I also stopped, yesterday, to see all my friends at the nursing home, and gratefully, most of them are doing well. I am, however, always saddened concerning the ones who can’t get out of bed due to various severe health issues. They try to be cheerful, but it sure must be difficult, especially when their families neglect them… May the Lord grant health, friendships, and love to the sick and the lonely.

Another opportunity the Lord gave me yesterday was that as I was walking out the door of the nursing home, I met two people who I’d not seen in several years. I used to witness to them when they were single (before they knew each other) and when they were both struggling with doctrine and their beliefs. Very surprisingly for me, they met and got married! I saw them a few times after that and tried to encourage them to follow the Lord, but they were lukewarm, to say the least. But wonderfully, yesterday when I saw them, I had the opportunity to talk with them again about God –about the knowledge, power, and joy we obtain through studying and applying God’s Word, the importance of reading it together as a married couple, and about how creation, astronomy, DNA, etc. disproves atheism (a belief they held for a while, they said). I was very happy to have seen this couple again, and was praying a lot in my spirit as I talked with them. May they come to the full knowledge of the Truth and walk in it.

I visited several other friends, including one whose boyfriend had been “locked up” for a while again, but was back living there. As my friend and I were talking outside at her picnic table, he arrived (from work?), we greeted each other, and I reminded him of all those hundreds of Scripture verses he knows by heart. May the Lord help this couple reject sin and walk in holiness.

I pray for all these individuals I had the pleasure of seeing again yesterday. I miss them and care about them. Several of them are ones I dearly love. Even so, I can feel a “letting go” happening. Not entirely, but largely. I know they are under God’s care. And though I ministered to many of them weekly or more, and felt responsible for them in ways, they’re okay, they’re managing, and the Lord can bring others to encourage them and remind them of His Word. Truly, I see that the Lord has been closing my ministries, gently, slowly, and one by one. Maybe it’s just for a time, a rest, a season. Maybe not, though. Maybe there is a new opportunity the Lord wants me to be available for. We’ll see.

Waiting on, recognizing, grabbing onto, and walking in the opportunities the Lord brings our way is not always easy. It takes alertness, discernment, patience, and effort. But of course the Lord is there to give help to those who ask, to those who listen, and to those who obey. May we be such people.

with love,

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