It’s Been Five Years

August 11, 2014

Five years ago today I began writing my blog posts. As far as I know, I have written a post every day since then. Today, after about seven months of praying about the decision, marks the end of my daily posts. However, I am not quitting my blog, as I will continue to write messages which I will post here –at least once a week, I’m sure, but maybe, occasionally, up to six times a week, depending upon the Lord’s leading.

I want to thank my family for encouraging me and allowing me to write daily at my blog these five years, for praying for me (a lot), and for even supporting me financially in different ways. For example, when my brother got a new used car for himself a few years ago, he gave me his Toyota, a gift I’ve been very thankful for. My parents gave me gas money, food, and lodging numerous times so that I could continue to minister at the downtown bus stops when for 13 years my husband and I lived 90 minutes away. And of course, it is my husband who has so very graciously (and primarily) supported me, also encouraging me to continue ministering at the nursing home, at the bus stops, through email, through intercession, and through my blog.

I want to thank particular friends who have continued to read my blog posts, commented on them through email, encouraged me to keep writing, and sent my link to others. I trust the Lord to continue His work in them and through them.

I want to thank that one who chose enmity and revenge against my husband and me, and this after we had tried so hard to help him and to be patient, loving, and understanding. Through this enemy, the Lord taught me priceless lessons. This enemy seemed to be God’s primary tool in training me to keep that calm steady trust in God’s Word and to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus while patiently waiting for each of His instructions. Through this enemy, the Lord taught me to walk not by appearances nor out of fear, nor into what I thought should be done, but by His voice in His Word. I am more than hopeful that I will see this enemy in Heaven –this one I diligently prayed for with the great and forgiving love of the Lord, this one to whom God sent me to warn that he was under God’s wrath but who could save himself (and others) great grief if he would repent in time (though he did not).

Most of all, I want to thank the Lord, my Shepherd, my loving Heavenly Father. He carried me through dangers I didn’t even recognize were dangers at the time. He graciously blinded me to the steep ravines on both sides of my often-so-blissful path. He comforted me through sorrows, told me things ahead of time so that I would pray accordingly, and kept me by His side. The last five years (and about three years before that as I wrote messages through email), were some of the hardest and scariest, but also the best because God was so close. I thank the Lord for the gift of being able to express oneself in writing, and for the opportunity He gave me to do so, for it compelled me to study, to organize and clarify my thoughts, and to listen and record what the Lord was teaching me.

It’s been a really, really good five years of experiences, including this experience of writing my blog posts. I’ve learned a ton. May the Lord’s name and Word be honored through all I do and say and think and write. Always. I pray this, Lord. And I pray that my past posts will be a source of edification and exhortation to others till You return. And Lord… well… I thank you so much for everything. I love You.

with love,

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