Does Israel Really Practice Apartheid?

August 6, 2014

I have recently heard the accusation that Israel practices apartheid. However, this is an accusation not based on the truth, for those who are citizens of Israel are not discriminated against due to race. Yet, because non-citizens (–in particular those who belong to a group that is ruled by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority) are not given all the rights that Israeli citizens are given, the apartheid accusation is wielded.

Apartheid is a term that was used for that gross discrimination that took place in South Africa. Israel’s policies are nothing close. Before making such an accusation, it would be good to study a comparison chart. A good one can be read here:

To accuse Israel of apartheid because she has checkpoints in areas where many vehemently, even hatefully, even violently, refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, is to share in malicious and untruthful words. The checkpoints are in place for safety reasons, and just as our airports require such a thing, safety is the issue, not race. Please read here:

And here:

It is not good to use inflammatory words (or statements) carelessly, especially when we know it can instill more hatred toward another person or another group. And especially when we are at the same time teaching about love, and concern, and meekness.

with love,

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