Peacefully Safe Because Of The LORD’s Care

August 5, 2014

A friend was telling me a couple of days ago that a man had asked their small church body to lay hands on him and pray for him regarding attacks of fear he was having. This they did and then the body was given opportunity to encourage the man. One individual, a Vietnam war veteran, encouraged his brother with Ps. 4:8, saying that he quoted that verse every night with the result of God’s peace washing over him through it each time. When this man was finished with his edification, my friend spoke up and said that Ps. 4:8 was the very verse she had been planning to remind the fearing brother to take to heart. Here is that wonderful verse:

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” (Ps. 4:8) This, from God’s Word, gives us the confidence we need that God Himself is keeping His watchful eye on us, keeping us safe in His care, and is causing us to dwell securely. Therefore, in peace –peace in our spirit and with peace surrounding us because of God’s presence– we are enabled to lay ourselves down without fear or turmoil or apprehension, and the corresponding tranquility within our souls will grant us the restful sleep we need.

Truly this verse is a good one to give to anyone who is experiencing fear. For if God alone is our care-taker, and He alone makes us dwell in safety, and we trust that what the Word of God says is true, then what have we to fear? What have we to worry about?

How big and powerful are God’s arms? How impenetrable is His protecting presence? If we believe in who God is, then we will entrust ourselves to His care. We will not fear but instead have fullness of peace. –So much so that we can lie down and sleep whenever we need to do so.

with love,

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