Atop God’s Cliffs

August 1, 2014

My sister sent me a bunch of photos of the back-packing trip that her husband and some others took their church youth on. The landscape is so beautiful in the pictures, and seeing God’s creation always causes me to worship the Lord anew. I’m reminded right now as I write that the Lord led me to read Ps. 104 yesterday. It’s a psalm of praise to God because He is clothed in splendor and majesty, and because His awesome works reveal His wisdom and power as well as His compassion and provision for all the creatures He has created.

This first picture is breath-taking, especially if you think of yourself (or your niece) standing on that cliff, overlooking the enormity of the world –the world as far as can be seen to the horizon. Yea, that’s Jillian, my sister’s eldest. How cool.

This second picture is that of the youth group standing amid boulders on a very rocky mountain. Again, God’s ideas for what He creates are SO interesting!

This last picture is that of their “camp”, and being that it rained and thundered and hailed and snowed the first two days, their clothes and even their bedding got quite wet. No matter, for they all had a blast anyway, and any drudgery was swallowed up by the two remaining days of sunshine. I think this photo, especially with the smoke from their fire, makes their camp look pretty cozy.

God is good. He protects and cares for His children and He gives us so many interesting things to enjoy. Things like camping with friends, hiking amid beautiful terrain, and… well, I could go on and on. Certainly God is worthy of much worship!

with love,

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