Questions While Reading Psalm 119

July 26, 2014

Let’s ask ourselves some questions with Ps. ch. 119 in mind:

~~How excited would I be if I received a large sum of money and a mansion on beautiful acreage? Verse 14 shows me that I should be just as exuberant about following God’s statutes as anyone would be about receiving great riches.

~~Do I neglect reading God’s Word with the excuse of being too busy, yet make time for that which I prioritize? Verse 16 shows me this should not be.

~~Have I chosen the way of Truth and is my heart dedicated to it? Verse 30 shows me this should be the case.

~~Do my eyes spend time viewing or reading worthless things? Verse 37 lets me know that this would take me away from living real Life.

~~Do I feel indignation toward those who forsake God’s laws and thus act wickedly? Verse 53 teaches me that this should be my attitude.

~~Have I been whole-heartedly seeking close fellowship with the Lord? Verse 58 encourages me to do so.

~~Am I instant about obeying God’s commands? Verse 60 reminds me of this importance.

~~Am I asking the Lord to teach me knowledge and good judgement? Verse 66 shows me that I should be asking.

~~Do I keep God’s precepts even if arrogant people are smearing me with lies? Verses 67-72 teach me to remain calm and trusting while understanding that God uses all affliction to train me to better follow His precious laws.

We could go on with the questions from this amazing chapter. But for now, let’s go back and think how each one of us would answer each question. And let’s take time to listen concerning how God would answer them for us as we ask His opinion.

Are there any areas needing improvement? If so, we’d best get to work on them.

with love,

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