Battle When He Commands It

July 25, 2014

The Lord is so good! And all who trust in Him, all who believe His Word, all who call out to Him for help, will be helped! We will be strengthened, and we will be given wisdom and direction. We will be given comfort and deliverance, as well as protection from that harm that is headed our way. Oh, that men would praise God’s name and thank Him for His wonderful mercies toward us!

It is our praise that paves the way for the Lord to do miracles on our behalf. Petitioning God in reverence and faith moves mountains, yes, but it is our praises and exaltations, our worship and thanksgiving which we lift up to the Lord that makes the enemy realize our faith, lose his confidence, lose his grip, and makes him flee. With the enemy gone, the Lord is able to work freely, for this (our partnership with God in battle) is the way He has ordained things to be. Whether it is a dangerous predicament, a hard heart, or a clear instruction about a situation –whatever it is that we are needing help with, praising God does wonders.

This morning I woke up with that impression I don’t like –that one that nudges me to do spiritual battle by fasting (often just fasting coffee) along with praising God (which I do like to do). I felt like it had something to do with my uncle’s motorhome that he, his wife, and my parents would be traveling in on their way to a reunion with relatives two hours away. Well, I know it sounds crazy, but fasting coffee (and I only drink one cup a day) is very hard for me (though this is the only year in about the last five that I haven’t fasted it at least once a week). I guess my body is a bit addicted even to that little bit (unfortunately). But anyway, not knowing if it was truly the Lord impressing me, I still said, “Oh Lord, please let me drink coffee this morning. I’ve got so much to do today and don’t want to deal with any low energy or headache. I’ll battle by praising You a lot.” The Lord seemed to say okay, but to be sure to really do the battle-praising. So I did. And it was a precious time with the Lord. Especially when I also looked up verses in my memory book –the one I used last year in memorizing 1-5 verses every day. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I reminisced about the many times God delivered me, comforted me, and strengthened me as I battled a huge evil all of 2013.

Well, so about the motorhome… Yea, my mom called mid-afternoon and told me that just as they were turning into the campground, the motorhome, being too big to make the turn properly, almost turned over. Thankfully it didn’t, but it did go into the ditch, and she was asking me to pray and to call her favorite prayer-partner to pray. Well, it took my uncle’s grandsons and others about four hours to get it (and the van it was pulling) out of the wedged position. What a relief. I mean, the whole reunion could’ve been ruined, for no one else could drive into the campground with that big thing blocking the driveway and sticking out into the main road. Probably a year from now the story might be funny, but it wasn’t funny today, for there was also the added danger that the big thing would tip over onto those trying to get it unstuck.

But, like I said, God is very good. And He is so good, that He gives us warnings, He gives us impressions, He gives us faith, and He gives us weapons by which to fight evil, to fight error, to fight confusion, to fight sin, and to fight a specific assignment from the evil one. Every day we must be attuned to God’s voice to obey whatever He may be saying, and no day should go by where we let our guard down against evil. There is a time to rest from certain battles, or to quit battling something because it has already been won, but there is never a time to rest from having an open ear and an open heart to hear God. If we do rest from these, it would be foolish and dangerous –for us and for others– and we may end up extremely sorry we took such a rest.

God is good. God is compassionate. Because He is so, He therefore expects us to be listening to everything He has to say to us. Like when He commands us to do battle by praising Him, even when we, ourselves, don’t see any danger around.

with love,

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