Trustworthy: Neither Corrupt Nor Negligent

July 24, 2014

Each one of us –can we look at ourselves, our lives, our hearts, and say that Dan. 6:4 can also be used as a description for us? In speaking of Daniel and those who were trying to trap him, this verse says, “They could find no corruption in him, because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent.”

Let each one of us examine ourselves and then ask, “Could this verse apply to me?”

Oh, we can all, undoubtably, think of some other people, maybe many other people, of whom this verse’s description would definitely NOT apply. But let’s look at ourselves. What about us? Are we negligent in any way? In our jobs, our care of the home, our relationships? If we disrespect another person, even disrespect their time, their beliefs, and/or the honor and loyalty we owe them, do we stop and take an honest look at ourselves and repent of our inconsideration? Or do we shove our responsibilities –such as our responsibility to own up to our wrong-doing and apologize– aside? If we’ve done the latter, then we have conducted ourselves with negligence toward both our fellowman and toward God.

What about corruption? Do we have any desire, somewhere in our heart and motives, to cheat another person, or, to even cheat God? Do we do the bare minimum? Do we pretend to give our best, but actually harbor the desire to withhold and take? Do we pretend to be speaking for God but actually speak with the intention of pleasing men, even men who do not love the Lord or even acknowledge His existence? Do we side with their philosophies over God’s Word because we don’t want to lose out on their friendship, their flattery, or their attentions? Do we honor men of prestige over God Himself? Do we listen to them instead of waiting in humble submission for what the Lord is about to say?

What about a desire to rule over others, to exert control over situations that are not ours to control? What about the desire to carouse, to lust, to indulge in unholy pleasures? What about the desire to win –to win the promotion at the cost of another’s dignity, or to win the argument so others will think there is no one more knowledgable?

To sin deliberately, or even to sin because we are being careless, is to show what is in one’s heart. What is there is corruption. And corruption makes one negligent in all kinds of spiritual, ethical, and moral ways. Such a person cannot be trusted. Such a person is untrustworthy.

But what about us? Can we each look at ourselves in honesty and know that Dan. 6:4 is true of us? Can God, who knows all things perfectly, look at us and say, “I can find no corruption in him, because he is trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent.” –? Not possible for any human, someone mighty say. Really? God’s Word says it about Daniel –a human.

So again, the question is, can we, can others, can God Himself, give this commendation concerning us?

with love,

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