Stand In The Gap Before The Most Powerful Of All

July 9, 2014

As giant Typhoon Neoguri crosses from Okinawa to Kyushu, the southern island of Japan, we are thankful to the Lord that it has lessened to tropical storm status. We were definitely praying about it because our family loves the Japanese people, and also because my brother and his family arrived in Hita, Oita (on Kyushu) over a week ago. They do ministry there as a family during the summer months, and have done so for about 20 years. Each summer a new group of young people follow them there and stay several weeks, each teen living with their “own” Japanese family in that family’s home.

I hope everyone will thank the Lord for His mercy to the Japanese concerning Neoguri, which could have been a lot worse, even in Okinawa. I also wonder if some of my readers would be willing to pray for the ministry among the Japanese that my brother and the others do there to try to help the Japanese people come to know God’s Truth. Genuine prayer from genuine Christ-followers does move God to act, for God has ordained that our participation in prayer, praise, and action moves Him to do what He wills to do. The Lord says that He looks for people to stand before Him in the gap on behalf of others, petitioning Him to be merciful. (Ezek. 22:30) May we be faithful to do so, then, on behalf of those who are in distress and/or danger, and who need to be saved from eternal death.

One more thing we should all be concentrating on, in prayer, is for those who are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus. The ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) is alerting us to the fact that such persecution is at an all-time high, some Christians even being crucified –literally. To send a statement to our government to stop sending billions of dollars to those who persecute others, sign here:

Even more importantly, let us continue to petition Him who is infinitely more powerful to thwart persecutors than any and all rulers and lawyers combined.

with love,

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