Loving Family Times

July 8, 2014

Below are the photos I’ve been wanting to add from my trip to Idaho to see my sister and her family and then the drive my parents and I took to Montana and Wyoming to stay a week in West Yellowstone. I will cherish this vacation for years, I’m sure. (The photos of our drive through Yellowstone National Park I posted on June 21, 27, & 28.)

Another special thing I was able to do, and this after I got home, was that my husband took me on a romantic two hour cruise barge the evening of July 4th; and from the middle of the lake we were able to see several groups of fireworks. It was a perfect –lovely and fun– evening.

I thank the Lord again for the joy, peace, safety, and other many blessings He keeps giving to our family.

with love,

1. Me by the canoes at the Spokane River camp we stayed at in Idaho. (6/19/14)

2. Me considering wading into the very cold water.

3. My mom by the river/lake.

4. My sister (Jenny) and our parents.

5. Violet, Jenny, and Mom.

6. Jenny, her 3 youngest kids, & our parents on the dock.

7. Me, ready to again slide into the VERY cold Spokane River. (6/19/14)

8. Mom, the “Bathing Beauty”. (6/19/14)

9. Me with Jenny’s 3 youngest kids on the water trampoline. (Jenny’s husband & their eldest –Jillian– were at work.)

10. (6/20/14) Near the Idaho/Montana border. I skied this spot in Dec. of 2006!

11. My adorable parents when we stopped to stretch our legs by a mountain river.

12. My parents’ friends’ cozy cabin we stayed in for a week –for free!– while visiting Yellowstone National Park.

13. We liked that the cabin is made of real logs and has a loft & a fireplace.

14. Me with Jenny’s youngest. (6/29/14)

15. My parents & the cabin we stayed at when we returned to the Idaho camp.

16. Me on the Spokane River camp dock. (6/29/14)

17. Me by the canoe area again, a week later. (6/29/14)

18. Taking an evening walk with my mom by the lake-part of the Spokane River. (6/29/14)

19. Lovely evening, lovely lake.

20. Peaceful river lake as we walked back up the hill to the camp cabin.

21. My husband and me on the cruise barge at Lake Ray Hubbard, celebrating July 4th, 2014.

22. Hubby and me on the evening cruise.

23. This is after our cruise on “Harbor Lights” ended.

24. Stopping at the gorgeous fountain area as we walked back to our car.

25. My very precious and sweet husband by the fountains.

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