The Meanings Of: Called, Invited, & Chosen

July 5, 2014

Bible teachers, especially those who are Calvinistic, often use Rom. 8:30 to persuade others to believe that all whom God calls are going to be saved. However, as Israeliteindeed explains, this is not so. She points out that “called” and “chosen” can be used interchangeably, as in 1 Cor. 1:26-31. She also points out that Judas was among the chosen Twelve (John 6:70,71) whom the Lord gave His supernatural authority to. (Mt. 10:1) She reminds us of Mt. 22:14 which says, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” It is significant that four of the twenty-one versions I read at used “invited” instead of “called” for Mt. 22:14, quite telling against the argument that Rom. 8:30 is giving the blanket statement that ALL whom God calls (invites), He also justifies and glorifies. Thus as we let Scripture interpret Scripture, Rom. 8:30 means that all who respond to the invitation (the call) are justified and glorified.

As Israeliteindeed says:

In summary, the call of God goes out through the earth to all nations, to every creature. So in that sense, all men are called to come to Christ. Yet, “those who are called” in our original passage refers to those who have not ignored the call (in general, the humble), have not received God’s grace in vain, have repented, and have obeyed the gospel. These are following and fellowshiping with Jesus, are suffering patiently, are fighting the good fight, are being holy and obedient, are walking worthy of their calling, and are being sanctified by Jesus as they abide in Him. These will inherit eternal life if they are faithful to the end, and do not turn from the heavenly calling as Judas did.

This is an important issue to understand, so I highly recommend that everyone read the entire article. Click here:

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