Clothing Exposing One’s Foolishness

July 1, 2014

I flew in last night and my hubby picked me up at the airport. It was good to be home, though I sure had a wonderful time in Idaho, in Yellowstone, and in all the places in between.

There were a few things I noticed on my trip –particularly on my flight back– and I’ll mention two of them. One, is that many young adults do not seem to know how to be naturally friendly or how to even converse. It’s a mumble or a grump or a sullen hollow look, eyes that avoid contact, and no smile whatsoever. I wonder… could the texting thing have something to do with this? I believe so. So much of that short, quick, faceless, toneless, expressionless (oh yea, except for the yellow smiley faces) dialogue. Does it hinder the ability to do real face-to-face dialogue? Does it hinder knowing how to begin a real relationship or have true fellowship or conversation? I certainly believe so.

Another thing I took note of was the many girls and women who were wearing short shorts as they exposed their fat legs. It’s one thing to wear shorts if one remains modest and if one has thin legs. But to expose your chub and your cellulite? C’mon. Is that supposed to be beautiful or sexy or what? Because I think according to almost anyone it looks downright disgusting. Are many of those of my gender really getting that dense?

If someone looks chubby on a hot beach, okay. Shorts can’t be helped, I guess. But why expose one’s fat legs in air-conditioned airports and airplanes? It’s completely unnecessary. Must girls and women degrade themselves like that?

Let me talk even more frank: If girls (or women) are going to wear outfits that show way too much, and do so whether they are heavy or thin, they should re-consider what they are trying to accomplish. Are they trying to impress their friends? Are the friends really impressed with how they look in the clothes? Or is it that these girls (and women) are trying to attract a guy? But are men attracted to dimpled legs, fat bulging under tight shirts, and exposed cleavages that make one look like a prostitute? Okay, let me rephrase that. Are GOOD men –men who would be good and faithful husbands– attracted to women who wear revealing clothing? No. Of course not. No honorable man, no God-fearing man, is going to want a relationship with a woman who poses as a sleaze.

Okay, now I ask, is it any wonder that men are leaving their wives and girlfriends –and leaving them broken-hearted– as they go on to the next pursuit? Why wouldn’t the men do so? They are the type of men who choose out of lust, not love. But hadn’t the women, with their clothing, advertised their acceptance of lust?

Why, oh why, are so many females acting so clueless? Wearing revealing clothing is not only dishonoring to one’s own body, but it is a recipe for future heartache.

May all women respect themselves, refuse to degrade themselves with ill-fitting clothes and those which advertise impurity, and not care one hoot about impressing those who love foolishness, perversion, or any other sin.

And Christian women and girls –may our clothing always be approved by our Boss, who is Christ, the Eternal and perfectly holy God.

with love,

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