Visiting Through Southern Yellowstone Park

June 28, 2014

God’s creation sure makes me worship Him. What a variety of landscapes, animals, and other things too numerous to name. Hot gases bubbling up from watery crevices… mountain peaks and cliffs towering above rivers… various animal species –some so cute, some so majestic. What a blessing to see it all, hike among it, enjoy it with loved ones, and praise God for His wonders.

Below are some photos of our second day (6/24/14) visiting Yellowstone Park.

with love,

1. My mom and me in front of a steaming spring at the Lower Geyser Basin

2. My mom across this spot that steamed –and hissed!

3. Gorgeous, steaming “Leather Pool” at Lower Geyser Basin

4. Another steaming pool at Lower Geyser Basin

5. Two friendly elk by the road

6. “Old Faithful Geyser” spewing by the Upper Geyser Basin

7. Me in front of “Old Faithful”

8. My parents amid the crowd leaving Old Faithful Geyser

9. Kepler Cascades

10. My mom and me above Kepler Cascades

11. Me, balancing on a log in front of snow near the Continental Divide

12. West Thumb Geyser Basin

13. A small, but steaming, fountain mud pot in West Thumb

14. Me at Yellowstone Lake with the Grand Tetons across it

15. My mom at Yellowstone Lake

16. Me, enjoying the scenic Yellowstone Lake

17. Me at LeHardys Rapids

18. My parents at LeHardys Rapids

19. Me, overlooking Yellowstone River near the Hayden Valley area

20. Bison along the road

21. Huge-antlered elk near the road

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