An Outrage: Trying To Control Others’ Beliefs

June 25, 2014

As Meriam and her family were boarding a flight out of Sudan yesterday, Meriam was re-arrested and her family detained. This is an outrage! Read (and again sign the petition) here:

It’s strange that we still have “thought-police” in our modern times. Can nations –can their rulers– dictate what every person is to believe? How can they? They can (though morally unlawful) demand that people perform outward religious actions, but how can they reasonably think that they can control the thoughts, hearts, and consciences of people? How can any nation think they can refuse or allow certain beliefs… convictions?

Those who try to control what others believe and think and feel are loathsome to me. Those who try to force inner convictions into people and command them to follow religious rules have, I believe, some form of mental illness themselves –that which comes from a heart decaying with sin and rebellion toward God and toward His Royal Law of Love.

Those who believe strongly in something, those who are zealous in promoting what they are truly convinced of, should definitely try to persuade others. But they should never, ever force others! No one should be arrested for believing something. No one should be imprisoned or killed for holding to a particular doctrine about God –nor about anything else. People are to be punished for violating another person in some severe and/or obvious way, not for having an opinion or conviction.

But alas, much of the world goes on in its skewed philosophies and evil behavior –hating love and righteousness and freedom while trying to veil their hatred, cruelties, and lust for power with pious speeches about nationalism, solidarity, and honor toward God.

with love,

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