God Holds Us Responsible To Seek Truth & Apply It

June 23, 2014

Sometimes I’ve heard it said that we are responsible only for what we know about God and His Word. This is not exactly true. Rather, we are not responsible for what we cannot –absolutely cannot– know.

Almost everyone in the world, unless they live in primitive areas and are too poor or restricted to have access to the internet, can seek the Truth about God. They can observe creation, they can listen to their consciences that tell them about right versus wrong, and they can seek the knowledge of the One who created them, the rest of creation, and everyone’s consciences –which, they instinctively know, are to be followed. God commands that people seek Him, and He expects them to do so because He has put that aspiration into everyone –the desire and urge to know Him and to know Truth. Those who do not seek God and Truth have taught themselves, because of their love of sin, to resist that urge. Some have even squelched it completely.

When we have been directed to Truth, when we have been told where to find it, and we do not take it, or we do read it (or hear it) but we do not heed it, we are responsible nevertheless. We are responsible to know and apply all the Truth we could have sought, but didn’t. Thus we will suffer for our negligence.

If someone buys a house on sinking sand but they are not aware of it, are they in any less danger because they did not take the trouble to research all the facts concerning their purchase? Of course not. Then why would we hear it taught that if we do not seek out how to be saved from sin, from the evil realm, from judgement for our sins, and a way to be delivered from the power of sin, our lack of awareness keeps us from peril? Such teaching is not only false, it is foolish, unreasonable, absurd, and eternally dangerous.

We are responsible to seek God and Truth. And when God has brought to us a certain person, blog, preacher, pastor, friend, co-worker, etc., who says that they have the Truth of God to give out, then we had best listen, discern, study, seek more, and apply what we’ve heard. For God will hold everyone of us responsible for every bit of Truth which He made available for us.

with love,

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