On To Yellowstone Park

June 21, 2014

My parents talked me into a spur-of-the-moment decision to fly to Idaho Thursday to join them in their drive from a cabin (near my sister and her family) to Yellowstone Park. After a great day swimming and bike-riding with my nieces and nephew (those photos I’ll share another day), my mom, dad, and I drove through gorgeous country yesterday and today, arrived at the cabin some other friends are loaning to us, and had time to drive into the park in which we did see animals and hot springs.

Here are some of the photos I took today:

A friendly bison wanting to picnic.

Me, touching the hot, bubbling water.

My mom touching the hot, bubbling water.

Note the steam rising from the hot water.

Me at another little pool, this one even hotter.

Beautiful landscape in Yellowstone Park, WY.

Lovely Yellowstone!

We got close to these elk.

My parents’ car amid marks left from the infamous Yellowstone fire.

My dad on a hill we hiked up.

A large elk crossing the river.

My dad and mom overlooking the Bozeman Trail this morning.

My dad giving us a history lesson.

My cute mom and dad at some bluffs we stopped to look at which lay beyond a deep river gorge.

I didn’t want to be away from my husband and my animals, but now I’m glad I took my parents up on the invitation because I haven’t been through this part of the country for many years. And everything is so beautiful and interesting to see! Again, I thank the Lord for all the cool surprises and wonderful blessings He continues to pour out on our family.

with love,

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