What Religion Are We Really Abiding In?

June 20, 2014

I really like that Israeliteindeed –whose every post I’ve read and whose blog I’ve followed for years– is writing a lot this month. I’m glad because she writes much, much needed exhortations that are straight-forward and Spirit-filled –messages we all need to hear and put into practice.

Besides that I’m always excited to read her posts, the increased frequency of Isrealiteindeed’s sermons are coming at a good time for me to be able to refer my readers there, as right now I’m on a trip (about which I’ll be posting photos this week). Here is the thought-provoking message she wrote yesterday:


Let’s ask ourselves what kind of religion we really have. If we are not abiding in the Vine –in close fellowship and obedience to Him– then we are merely spinning our wheels. We are wasting our efforts and our lives in a religion that is false and which will not eternally save us, nor save any who follow our teachings or example.

The Truth and nothing but the Truth is the only “religion” God accepts. We’d best read in His Word what that is.

with love,

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