Calvinists Insist On Refusing Clear Evidence

June 8, 2014

My ears were afflicted, and my spirit much grieved, to have to listen to a sermon today by a Sunday School teacher who showed himself to be a Calvinist. The church is not supposed to be Calvinistic, but this guy got his chance to pound into the people much Calvinistic doctrine. I was appalled.

Later, when I saw the guest speaker in the parking lot, I confronted him with Mt. 18:32-35 because he had said in his sermon that God never will take back His forgiveness toward us once we become His –no matter what we do. However, as I reminded him, Jesus says the opposite very clearly there. He says that the servant’s master, after having canceled all his debt, revoked that cancelation due to the man’s sin, and ordered that the debt be reinstated. The guest speaker said that yes, God doesn’t forgive us when we don’t forgive others, but that this does not include that forgiveness unto salvation which He has already granted us. Huh? Does God’s Word make that distinction?

I pointed out to the guy 1 John 3:24 and then John 15:10 which both teach that obeying Christ’s commands is how we abide in Him and His love. I pointed out John 15:4 where Jesus commands us to abide in Him and then verse 6 where He says that if we do not, we will be cast out to be burned.

The guy had used Rom. 8:1 about no condemnation for those who are in Christ, but I said I wished he had gone on to verse 4 so that the congregation could understand that being in Christ means living according to the Spirit. I reminded him that Gal. 5:25 says we are to keep in step with the Spirit, and I said that this is how we abide “in Christ”. When I reminded him of verse 24 –that we have had our sinful natures crucified– he said that we still sin because we are still in the flesh, and get this –that “the flesh” and “the sinful nature” are two different concepts according to the Word of God! So this is how he wiggles out of verses (such as Rom. 6:6 and Col. 2:11) that teach that the nature in us that inclines toward sinning has been done away with?!

Since the guy had spoken a lot about us being at war with God before conversion, and being he had used Rom. 8:7 about the sinful man being hostile to God, I agreed with him there and reminded him also of Ja. 4:4 –that friendship with the world is enmity and hatred toward God– and then I quoted Rom. 8:9 –that those who have the Spirit are controlled by Him, not the sinful nature.

The guy admitted (unashamedly) that he is a Calvinist, and said he bet that I did not believe in once-saved, always-saved. I said that due to verses such as 2 Peter 2:20-22 and Heb. 6:4-6 no one should believe in it.

It was clear that the guy had set his heart and mind firmly into his false doctrine, and obviously not wanting to consider that he could be wrong, he said that we would have to agree to disagree. I said I hoped he would take seriously what I’d brought up to him, especially for the sake of those who were hearing his teachings. And I asked him to remember Jude 1:4 so that his hearers would not take his teachings as a license to sin.

There were many other things we spoke about that would be too lengthy to relate. But as almost all Calvinists seem to be, this guy too could not hear the Truth even when I was quoting it directly from the Word of God. All he could hear, apparently, were the “answers” he’d been taught to give to counter each verse. All he could hear, it seemed, was the echo of his teachers who had repeatedly twisted the Scriptures to make it say what they all want to hear.

When I got in our car, my husband saw that I was not happy at all with the speaker’s response to me. “He didn’t even listen,” I said.

“Well, I wondered why you would want to debate a lawyer,” he said.

I had to smile a little at that. “It’s good I forgot he’s a lawyer,” I answered. Yeah, what kind of conversation did I think I could have with someone who is both a lawyer and a Calvinist? Did I actually think that by using clear evidence from the Word of God I could persuade him? Pfff. Fat chance.

My spirit was alarmed and sad though. How huge this apostasy is which is growing up amongst us –and being led by the Bible “scholars” themselves!

How incredibly sad. For how extremely horrible it will be for those who keep on sinning while claiming to be “in Christ”. “That Day” will be a day of great anguish, weeping, and remorse –for both false teacher and hearer alike.

with love,

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