Pray & Do A Ministry Of Your Own

June 5, 2014

Today, as she often does, Israeliteindeed is evangelizing near to an abortion clinic, trying to spread the Truth of God’s love, forgiveness, hope, and righteousness. I pray that some of our readers will rise up to pray, praise, and do battle for her on-going ministry. That the Lord will, through her and through her intercessors, pull down the strongholds of the enemy –the lies, the murder, the rebellion, the anger, the hopelessness‚Ķ– and turn hearts and minds to Him.

If this turn, this repentance, would happen in people all across our nation, all across the globe, the peace we all seek and long for would come about. True, God’s Word tells us it’s not going to happen full-scale until the Righteous King brings judgement on the wicked and sets up full rule on earth. But, it does happen now for all who come under His rule by faith and choice. All of Christ’s subjects have been equipped to have total peace and joy, purity and victory, now. If we ourselves would believe this, we would go forth mightily and many would see, hear, and repent.

Today my mom is going with a friend of hers to meet with other women who are sewing quilts for the homeless. Then they are going to deliver the finished ones to the shelters. What a lot of love I’m sure is sew into those quilts! Let’s pray that those who receive them will feel that love, appreciate the efforts, and thank the Lord for those who are trying to remind them of God’s love, compassion, and concern.

This month a cousin of mine is going with a group to Las Vegas to minister to the prostitutes there. Their plan is to approach each prostitute by offering a rose and saying something about the love, hope, compassion, and freedom God offers. If any will listen, they will tell them more. Let’s pray that those caught in sin will respond…

I ask that we pray for all these efforts. And I also ask that everyone who reads this post will meditate on God’s Word, ask Him what (or what more) He would have each one of us do for the furtherance of His Kingdom –that Kingdom of righteousness, peace, joy, deliverance, hope, and strength– and then put that impression (idea / command) into action.

We can do it. We have every ability –provided by His Life– to do all that He has told us to do.

with love,

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