Lack Of Prayer Is Lack Of Faith

June 3, 2014

Several days ago someone I know invited me to her Tuesday morning prayer meeting, so today I went. It was a wonderful time petitioning God before His throne of mercy and love, but there were only eight of us there. That actually is a lot, I suppose, especially for that held on the morning of a work day and in a home rather than at a church (though maybe it’s a lot for a church prayer meeting too). Whatever the case, I can’t help but feel sad that prayer meetings seem so rare these days, and so few “Christians” seem inclined to attend and put forth the effort and faith.

What is happening to us? I believe our lack of zeal in petitioning God is due to a number of reasons. But one reason has got to be a lack of faith. We don’t really believe prayer will cause God to act any differently than He would otherwise act. So why take our precious time to exert energy toward doing that which will make no difference?

Who is responsible for this attitude? I believe it is the Calvinists. Do they not declare that God has already decided from eternity past every single occurrence, every single conversion, even every single prayer? Then why pray? Only a silly person would strain in prayer to change that which God has, from eternity past, already decided and set firmly in place so that it cannot change.

After hearing him tell me his theology, I asked a Calvinist pastor one time, “Then why pray?” He answered that we pray solely for the reason that God has commanded it. I guess God could have commanded us to hum, then, just for the sake of humming.

For God to tell us to hum for no other reason except the reason that obeying His commands glorifies Him, He would still have been kinder than to tell us to pray for no other reason except that obeying His commands glorifies Him. Because if God has told us to petition Him in faith and believe that our prayers will be answered by Him, and yet these prayers of ours really make no difference at all toward what God has already pre-decreed, then isn’t God being deceitful in presenting to us a method of hope and change that is, in reality, worthless? Yes. But thankfully, this god is not the true God who does listen, does change many situations and hearts, and does –multitudes of times– do so as a direct result of righteous petitions.

It is vital that we pray. And that we pray in faith. And that we pray often and for whatever we need and want, for God will say, “No”, “Yes”, or “Wait”. In fact, He will say a lot more than that to the ear of the one who is listening. And for the one who keeps on asking while heeding His Word, He will most certainly answer. He will deliver, He will pour out blessing, He will bring peace, He will change the situation into good.

The miracle, the change, the answer, will happen as a direct result of prayer. –Prayer to God, in Jesus’ name, and enabled by the Holy Spirit.

But to receive, prayer must be done. Petitioning must happen. It’s the way God has ordained that He act on behalf of men.

with love,

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