Cease The “Faith Alone” Preaching!

June 2, 2014

When will the majority claiming to represent Christianity stop preaching “faith alone”? God’s Word repeatedly makes it clear that, along with true faith, comes deeds. Righteousness is not righteousness where there are no righteous deeds done. Moreover, righteousness is far from those whose deeds are sinful.

Who is the man who is righteous? God says it is the one who walks in His decrees and who faithfully keeps His laws. (Ezek. 18:9) “‘That man is righteous; he shall surely live, declares the Sovereign LORD.” (same verse)

Was this God’s decree only for that era before Christ came? No. Jesus taught that deeds absolutely do determine a man’s eternal destiny. (John 5:29) He taught that His words must be put into practice. (Mt. 7:24-27) He taught that calling Him “Lord” is worthless unless that person does the will of the Father. (v. 21) He taught that every tree (person) who does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. (v. 19) He taught that entering Life is accomplished by obeying the commandments. (19:17) He taught that sanctification and eternal life come by nourishing oneself with the Word and following the voice of the Spirit therein. (John 6:53-63 & 10:27,28 & 17:17) He taught that appearing righteous on the outside, while being full of wickedness on the inside, is hypocrisy (Mt. 23:28) –that which leads a person to Hell. (v. 13-15,33)

Those who teach “faith alone” usually do not make sure that their hearers understand that faith is not merely belief, but also trust. The demons believe in Jesus (Mt. 8:29 // Mark 1:24 // Ja. 2:19) but they do not trust in Him. Similarly, many professing to be Christians also believe in Jesus and they likely make the choice to entrust their eternal souls to Him. However, they do not entrust their entire lives and hearts to Him. Such people, Jesus says, worship Him in vain. (Mark 7:6,7) Let no one be deceived: Worship of Christ that is in vain is worthless worship. It is counterfeit worship, and counterfeit worship of Christ inherits for the worshiper only eternal death.

True worship, true faith, unto Christ, the King, is always accompanied by deeds. Righteous deeds. Done always.

Preachers must stop misleading the sheep. They must cease preaching “faith alone”.

with love,

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