The Day To Remember Together That Freedom Isn’t Free

May 26, 2014

Freedom is not free. We all know that this is true. We know it when we stop to meditate on the freedoms we have –when we stop the rush, the whirl, the noise, in order to be intentionally grateful. Then we remember the cost, the huge cost… the cost of thousands of lives… the cost of one life. One precious life… a person loved by someone… by a friend, a sister, a dad… certainly by a mother…

Our freedoms which so many people take for granted –which most of us so often forget to cherish and to thank God for… These freedoms were purchased for us by a soldier. A brave soldier. A soldier who went forward, who went obediently, and who went with the greater good in mind.

It is a good custom to have devoted a day to remember… a day to honor those who sacrificed themselves, on physical battlefields as well as on spiritual, for the welfare of others… It’s good that a day has been set aside to thank them, think of what they did, and to be grateful for freedom –the freedom to express a belief, to learn and teach one’s belief, and to adhere to that belief in the manner one believes to be right. It’s good, too, to remember that those who sacrifice for others’ good are heroes.

Many of these heroes were thrown into an unmarked grave or are represented by a nameless cross. But God saw them fall, and die. He saw their fortitude, their love, their sacrifice… He saw their heart –their determination and courage as well as their fear.

We thank the Lord for brave and selfless men and women. We thank Him and them for the freedoms we enjoy.

Here is a song and video which honors them:

with love,

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