His Kingdom Rule Must Happen (Through Faith & Choice) In Everyone

May 25, 2014

Gary’s sermons always inspire me to keep going forward with the Great Commission –that Command from Jesus to go, in His authority, into all the world and teach others to obey all of His commands. (Mt. 28:18-20) Last Sunday, Gary reminded us again of Jesus’ words that when the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached as a testimony to all nations, then the end will come. (24:14) Many are looking forward to Christ’s return, yet, as Gary exhorted, the Lord is waiting for His servants to fulfill what He has called them to do. THEN the end will come.

(My observation: But maybe many “Christians” do not want Jesus to come any time soon..? Maybe they want this earthly life to continue so that they can continue to enjoy whatever it is they are so “enormously” enjoying..? Maybe it doesn’t matter enough to them that most of the world’s inhabitants will live and die without adequately hearing the Gospel..?)

Gary reminded us that salvation comes only by knowing Jesus personally. And that that comes only by opening the door of one’s heart to let Him rule. “Thy Kingdom come…” (Mt. 6:10) which our Lord told us to pray, is what must happen, through faith and choice, in everyone’s lives, including in our own.

We must understand that God’s Kingdom has a King. His name is Jesus. Therefore, Jesus must rule our minds, our hearts, our attitudes, our words, our thoughts, our actions. Anyone who tries to save his life will lose it. (Mark 8:35)

Gary’s sermon last Sunday was excellent. To take the time to listen to it may change one’s future, one’s life, one’s eternal destiny. And it may change the eternal future of multitudes of others we then teach, as well.

Here is the link: http://www.gracearlington.com/who-we-are/resources/sermons/true-christianity-the-sermon-on-the-mount-series-xiv-for-may-18-2014/

with love,

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