Sign Petition For Meriam, And Pray

May 23, 2014

When we stand firmly for the Truth, when we proclaim it and follow it unashamedly, when we confront people with their sin and falsehoods, we will be insulted and slandered. It’s to be expected. Did not Jesus remind us that, down through time, all God’s prophets receive persecution? (Mt. 5:11,12) Therefore, should not everyone who proclaims the Truth, and abides in/by it themselves, be glad? (v. 12) For great then too, like the prophets’, and due to our bright Light for Christ, is our reward coming to us in Heaven. (v. 11,12,14)

There are many modern day prophets and servants of Christ who are being persecuted. Because they acknowledge Jesus, God’s only Way of salvation, and because they remain loyal to Him above all others, they are being imprisoned, beaten, and martyred. Meriam Ibrahim is one such person. She has been told that she can go free if she recants allegiance to Jesus. But because she has refused, she awaits 100 lashes and then execution. Even now, her young son, Martin –an American citizen– as well as her unborn baby, remain under the control, even likely the permanent control, of those who despise the name of Christ.

Though we are to rejoice in suffering for Christ, we still must petition God earnestly, even with weeping, that He deliver those condemn to die. And whatever we can do to help such a person, may we take the time to do it. Has everyone signed the petition being sent to Sudan tomorrow? Please do so here: This is the least we can do to get Meriam and her children freed.

But we can also pray. And fast. And praise God for the deliverance that, although He has all sovereign authority to decree it immediately, has ordained to accomplish His will primarily through His obedient and praying servants. May we not be found unfaithful!

with love,

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