Light-holders, Go!

May 19, 2014

This last Sunday morning at church, Gary (the main pastor) had many of those on one side of the church be given candles, and then the lights turned off. Some people with lighters came along and began lighting a few of the candles. Then each person with a lit candle was told to light others’ candles. Soon, many (at least 100) on that side of the church held lit candles. About three or four people in the middle section of the sanctuary held candles that were also soon lit, but amid the approximately 200 people there, it still appeared quite dark. The half side where we sat (with two sections) remained completely dark. Not one lit candle among 400+ people.

This, Gary explained, is what the world does actually look like when it comes to spiritual light and spiritual darkness. Why then, he asked, is almost all the work and money being given to continue lighting candles that are already lit, to pour effort into areas where lit candles are already visible, and where getting one’s candle lit is completely accessible? Why are people not taking their lit candles to the dark places? Why are people not going to those regions of the world where Jesus and His Gospel of deliverance and salvation has never been told? Do those with lit candles care that multitudes of people remain in complete darkness? Do those enjoying the Light care that most of the world does not have the Light nor have any hope of receiving it any time soon? Do Light-holders care that masses will die in their ignorance, sin, and captivity that could have been dispelled had the Light been brought to them?

Those Light-holders who live where the Light is all around them often take their situation for granted. It’s not so easy elsewhere. In the dark places, shining one’s Light can be a lonely undertaking. It can also incur upon oneself abuse and even death –which is what Meriam Ibrahim is facing because she has refused to recant her Christian faith. (Everyone, please sign the petition here: And please pass this link on to others to sign. It’s the least we can do at this moment for a fellow Light-holder caught in the evils of the darkness.)

Yet there are many in Meriam’s position throughout the world. But, if Light-holders would keep going, keep rescuing, keep praying, keep holding up the Banner of Truth… could Sudan and other dark countries really continue to get away with persecuting others for their belief in Jesus? Or would the walls crumble, the swords be broken, and evil laws be overturned?

What if the Light-holders would stop relaxing as if they’re on a cruise ship, and instead behave as those would on a battleship mission? (The church’s video analogy we viewed.) Instead of asking what Christ will do for me, what if all Light-holders eagerly asked, “What can I do to help complete Christ’s mission?” And what if they got to work on it immediately? –Not hung back for weeks and months and years?

The world could be ignited. The darkness and evil could be extinguished. One candle –our own– could light many, and those many would also light many… and think of how quickly the earth could be blazing with the Light –! ! ! ! ! ! !

Go. Take your Candle, and go!

with love,

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