Pathetic Comic Silliness

May 17, 2014


A friend emailed me this week, not happy about the yearly comic book convention –which was actually held today. I agree with her concerns and we want to encourage others to rethink any participation in the practice. Used with her permission, here is what she wrote:


… though personally I think it’s one of the most pathetic gatherings of worldly people due to the focus of the event. In the past, I thought it was mainly a gathering of comic book collectors. But from what I have heard from various people who have been there, actually the focus is more on science fiction television actors and people dressing up as cartoon characters or superheroes. Adults doing this, mind you. Really?

I am so tired of seeing and hearing about grown ups who dress up in fictional character outfits and idolize Hollywood actors. These people make long lines to hear these tv actors make speeches about their phony fake fantasy shows. Big deal.

Really, could someone who is totally dedicated to the Truth really enjoy wasting their time in this “grown up” fantasy world with a bunch of other overage children who choose immaturity and fantasy character obsessions? Why are there so many immature adults who are obsessed with children’s fictional superheroes? Why so much unwarranted admiration for people who are not true heroes? What about real people who are injured in the line of duty trying to help or protect others? Why aren’t there long lines of people waiting to meet real life brave, selfless heroes??? People are being martyred, dying in the service of others and starving to death and in need of help all around the world while these people are steeping in childish fantasies!!! It seems to me like a bad dream! Somebody please deliver us from this degenerate culture which is void of the Spirit!!…One step from the pits of hell on earth.

Sadly there are many of these world obsessed people who like to look down their long noses at Christians and dare to call us hypocrites while they do these things…


My friend asks some good questions that participants in this ridiculous event should answer. Like this one: “Why so much unwarranted admiration for people who are not true heroes?” Yes, –why? And, “Why aren’t there long lines of people waiting to meet real-life brave and selfless heroes???” But I bet we already know their answer: “Ummm… I dunno… I guess cuz this is more fun.”

What in their psyches cause people to neglect true heroes while dedicating time and money toward silliness? We have a society that feeds on silliness daily. But why?


with love,


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