Loving, Grieving, Rejoicing, Evangelizing

May 16, 2014

Evangelizing with my tracts and signs at the downtown train and bus stops today was good. It always is. I talked with so many precious people, ones I’ve conversed with before, as well as many new ones. I was surprised at how lovely everyone seemed to me, even as I knew that most of them were very likely not right with God, even though I knew most were sinners deliberately violating God’s royal law of love –that which teaches us to love God and to love others as oneself. Even as I hate sin, I do love people. And I especially love them when I’m walking in the Spirit, on the streets, and doing that ministry which God ordained and molded me for. Even now, as I remember some of the faces, my eyes fill with tears.

There was one young man I’m thinking of right now. So honest, he was. So endearing. What a beautiful person… He smiled so warmly when he saw me, and let me know how great he found it to be what I was doing. We talked for maybe 20 minutes, and I, by the Spirit in me, loved him so dearly. He agreed and believed in everything I was saying, and said he wishes he could live what he believes. But he has this addiction, he said. I don’t normally ask, but this time I did, and he told me. He said the addiction is heroin. So sad. And though so young… only 24… he has a wife and a six year old at home… Oh, that the Lord would deliver this family, and soon.

Another young man I talked with before that said he is an atheist. I mentioned DNA as I always do to atheists. I also pointed to the buildings and the train and the track and spoke of how it all showed order and function, this reality having been made possible only through a designer, a maker, a creator, a constructor. This atheist acknowledged that these things of course could not have evolved, but maintained that DNA had. I reasoned with him and he listened and asked questions, while doubt about his Darwinian beliefs seemed to flicker and rise.

Another guy I met was playing his guitar and singing Christian songs. He said he too often works with the homeless. I very much enjoyed meeting him, and in giving one another encouragement in the Lord, and in praying aloud together for each other’s ministries. What a joy it is to speak with those whom the Lord has also compelled to go to the streets to spread His Truth.

A woman I really enjoyed meeting and talking with, and who is a believer, was excited when I mentioned the importance of worship and praise to God. She said she had just been hearing from the Lord an hour before concerning her need to get back into worshiping God and to leave her complaining behind. Truly, it is a cause to rejoice when God confirms His words to us!

There were many, many others I spoke with, some who were doing well, they said, others who were in great distress. One guy, as I was beginning to leave the area and walk back to my car, was so depressed, he said, that he felt like committing suicide. I tried very hard to speak lovingly to him, and hope seemed to flicker there just a bit. But he was too despondent to really hope, and though I encouraged him and listened to him, when I said, “Let me pray for you”, he recoiled and walked quickly away. That was very sad too…

The masses of hurting are out there. There are everywhere. And most of them welcome a listening ear, a word of encouragement, a reminder that, although the world is evil, there is a God who cares, who watches, and who comes to the aid of those who call out to Him, wait for His guidance, and trust Him. May we who know the Truth, who walk in the Spirit, who say we have Christ’s love, go out to where they are. And may we tell them all about Jesus.

with love,

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