The Wonderful Mother

May 11, 2014

Those who can say that they have a wonderful mother know that she can be described in these ways:

~~Kind, Compassionate, and Loving

~~Strong and Confident

~~Strengthening to others

~~Sacrificial, Giving, and Considerate

~~Powerfully Influential

~~Quick to Forgive

~~Gentle and Easy-going


~~Joyful and Fun

~~Ages Gracefully


~~The Opposite of Rude

~~Positive, Helpful, Encouraging

~~Humble and Patient

~~The Best Comforter besides God

Isn’t it true that giving comfort is one of the things good mothers do best? What child, often even a grown child, does not want her mother’s comfort when life gets really tough? Even God Himself likens His giving of comfort to that which a mother gives: “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” (Isa. 66:13) When confusion or fear threaten us, the Lord soothes us, calms us, comforts us. (Ps. 131:1,2) When we feel abandoned, betrayed, or neglected by others, we can be assured that God never forgets us but is always thinking of us and caring for us, keeping our names before Him, even engraved on His hands. (Isa. 49:15,16)

Mothers, good mothers, are human examples of God to us. And God is similar to a wonderful mother. He is a Father, the Heavenly Father, but He has attributes that He has extended to mothers in particular.

May all of us honor our mothers this Mother’s Day –and always. And may we ourselves be the kind of mother our children and husbands consider wonderful and honorable, and who exhibit the very attributes of God.

I continually thank the Lord for giving me one of those wonderful mothers. In fact, she is exceptional, precious, and dearly, dearly loved.

with love,

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