God Chose To Save & Sanctify The World, But Most Have Refused That Love

May 10, 2014

God chose everyone to be saved. He invites all, and that invitation is legitimate. He does not invite the world to trust in Christ Jesus and then refuse to enable most to actually believe, repent of sin, and trust Christ. The Calvinists teach such a thing, but that is not God’s Truth. That is not what God’s Word reveals and teaches.

Of course we know that most of the world does not believe the Gospel, they do not put their trust (faith) in Christ as Savior and Lord, and they are therefore not saved from the evil realm –not saved from it now nor forever.

However, there are people on the earth who do seek God. They have consciences and minds that tell them creation does speak that there is a God, that there is right and wrong, and that God has requirements of mankind. Such people seek. They seek truth/Truth. They seek to understand the Creator whom they instinctively know holds everyone accountable for what they do. Such people seek out God’s help and favor, and knowing that rulers do not help and favor rebels, they seek to find out how to please God.

Calvinists do not teach this. They teach that no one seeks God or has anything but depravity in them. This is an obvious falsehood, as we can take notice that many non-born-again people act with compassion and altruism toward children, animals, those in great danger or illness, etc. Why is this? It is because God has made people good, He has made them with consciences, and He has made them capable of having and cultivating Love, which is what/who He is. Because God has made man in His image, He has also given them the gift of free choice, and by this, men choose to either seek more of that Love, thus Truth, thus God, or they seek to suppress Love, Truth, and God, and so spiral down into wickedness.

God chose everyone to come to Christ, the Truth, the Life, the Way, the Light, the Love, the Savior. Certainly not everyone does. But that is because most choose, and keep choosing, sin. It is not because God has chosen to make them keep sinning, make them depraved, and make them go to Hell. It is because the people deliberately refuse to listen to their consciences, refuse to praise God for His creation, refuse to believe and love the Truth that stares them in the face and which calls to them to learn more of, refuse to stop loving themselves and their lust to appease selfishness, and refuse the invitation to be washed and sanctified by the Spirit.

Let’s get it right: God chose to save the world. But most refuse to be saved.

with love,
(Just some of Scripture’s numerous verses and passages which support what I’ve written above are: Gen. 1:27,31 // Ec. 7:20,29 // John 3:14-21 & 12:32 // Rom. 1:18-21 & 2:1-16 // 2 Thes. 2:10-15 // 1 John 2:2)

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