Be Wise: Fear & Obey God

May 9, 2014

If we fear the wrath which God has warned everyone about concerning those who commit lawlessness against His holy laws, then we will turn our hearts to His instruction, search for wisdom and insight, and accept what God’s Word says. (Pr. 2:1-6) Moreover, we will store up that Word within our spirits and apply ourselves to it. (same verses) “Then we will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.” (See v. 5) And God will bless us. (Ps. 128:1-4)

How so? How will we be blessed by God? We will be granted a long, peaceful life, a pleasant life, a life of honor and prosperity. (Pr. 3:1-18) By having heeded the Word of God, the wisdom gained will exalt and honor the recipient with a crown of splendor. (4:1-13) God Himself will raise a Banner against those who shoot arrows our way (Ps. 60:4) and that Banner will be Himself. (Ex. 17:14-16) He Himself will be our High Tower, our Fortress, and our Shield, for it is His all-powerful Name which we walk in. (Pr. 18:10)

But what about those who resist the fear of the Lord, who mock at instruction, who hate knowledge, and who take delight in evil? (Pr. 1:22,29,30 & 2:13-15) They will be ensnared by their own deeds (5:22), led astray and killed by their own great folly. (v. 23) Because they refused to seek God, His wisdom, and His ways, but instead ran after immorality, corruption, treachery, and other ill-gotten gain, they will reap upon themselves calamity, distress, blows, disgrace, and enduring shame. (1:11-19 & 6:12-15,32,33) Because they ignored God’s offers of help, because they continued to spew out curses and swords and taunts and lies, God will laugh when the fruit of their schemes overtake them with devastation and pain. (1:24-32 // Ps. 59:6-13)

“They will groan as their lives near the end, ‘How I disdained advice, instruction, and correction. So now I have come to the brink of utter ruin in front of everyone.'” (See Pr. 5:11-14) For the Lord will heap scorn upon all mockers. (3:34) He will scoff at those foolish, rebellious, wicked chaff, and He will rebuke them, terrify them, and blow them away in His wrath. (Ps. 1:4 & 2:1-5) “Therefore, you kings and rulers, be wise. Be warned, fear the Lord, and serve Him with grateful submission. Give sincere reverence to Christ, lest His anger destroy you and dash you to pieces.” (See 2:9-12)

To fear the Lord –that is wisdom, deliverance, and blessing. (Job 28:28 // Ps. 2:12 & 128:1,2) For the Lord’s love and righteousness is with those who fear Him, with those who keep His Covenant and obey His precepts. (Ps. 103:17,18)

with love,

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