God’s Purpose For Everyone

May 7, 2014

I was helping a friend today at her nearby resale shop and an interesting character came in asking if we had any tools or boots. His face was wrinkled and weather-beaten and the cowboy boots he was wearing had definitely seen hard work. As my friend looked for different items he was inquiring about and as I continued sorting and pricing, the three of us chatted. The man said that he had had several heart attacks, so I grabbed the opportunity to say that I was very sorry about that but that I hoped he was ready to face God. He said he was but went on to say that being he was still around on this earth, he wondered why. He wondered what God was keeping him around for. He said he’d asked God what his purpose was for living, but that God hadn’t told him yet.

I mentioned that everyone can start with that purpose we all have –which is to bless others daily, even if it be just through a smile and a kind word.

The man agreed.

My friend asked him if he was born again. He said he was.

I asked, “Are you reading God’s Word?”

The codger said, “Mmmmm… not much.”

I responded that it is through God’s Spirit in the Word, which He has already given us, that we hear His voice of further instructions and guidance.

At that point the man changed the subject.

I find it strange when people find it okay to talk about all sorts of spiritual things, but when it comes to discussing whether or not they study the Word of God in order to find the answers, suddenly they get squirmy.

Tonight when I told my husband about this encounter, he reminded me about God’s purpose for us all –that God wants us available for Him to speak through and love through; that God wants us not necessarily to be toiling, but to be existing somewhere, making ourselves noticeable for Christ’s glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom; that the Lord wants us to be conducting ourselves in a way which makes others recognize that we know and have something precious, good, wonderful, desirable, –and necessary! Then, instead of being annoyed at attempts made to convert them to the Truth, people are not only intrigued, but acquire hope and strength as they watch a person model the Spirit-filled life.

So this is God’s purpose for everyone: To model Christ, by the Spirit, to everyone we encounter, and on a daily, minute by minute basis.

with love,

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