Sin Is Slavery… Hostility… Alienation… Hell

May 4, 2014

If a man is a slave to some kind of sin, to one particular sin, or to many sins, he is a slave to Sin. He is controlled by the sinful nature. No matter how often he declares God to be good and holy and praiseworthy, and no matter how much he claims to love Jesus, a man who is mastered by Sin is not only unspiritual (Rom. 7:14) but is also blatantly “hostile to God.” (8:7) He is an enemy of God because he has set his mind on indulging his evil desires. (Rom. 8:5 // Col. 1:21 // 1 Peter 1:14) He of the world (Ja. 4:4) and of the devil. (1 John 3:8) He does not possess Life (Mt. 19:17 // Rom. 8:13) and is therefore unsaved. (John 12:50 // 2 John 1:9)

Jesus has made it clear that “everyone who sins is a slave to sin” (John 8:34) and that “a slave has no permanent place in the family.” (v. 35) The family He is referring to is His own family, God’s family, and He says that only by adhering to His teaching will a man know the Truth which frees him from his slavery to sin. (v. 31-36)

Are we free from sin by saying we believe Jesus’ teaching? No. Jesus did not say that. That is only what the false teachers say. Instead, Jesus has told us that we are free from sin by being willingly obedient to His teaching (Mt. 7:24-27 // John 8:31-36) –that teaching which is perfectly in line with God’s commands. (John 12:48-50)

Continuing to sin means a man is a slave to sin. Remaining a slave to sin is hostility toward God and thus alienation from God. Continued alienation from God is eternal death. Eternal death is Hell.

with love,

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