You Fabricated Evil, But God Did The Opposite Through It

May 1, 2014

When we have been tricked, harassed, oppressed, defrauded, or mistreated in any way, Gen. 50:20 is a comforting verse. It says, “You schemed evil against me, but God fashioned it into good, in order to accomplish the salvation of many people, as He is doing today.” Here is the verse said another way, written even more literally from the Hebrew text: “But as for you, you intended against me evil, but God intended it for good, in order to bring to pass a day as this, the saving of many lives.”

Joseph, who was thrown into an empty well by his jealous brothers and then, the same day, sold as a slave to Ishmaelites who in turn sold him in Egypt, is the one being quoted in Gen. 50:20. Not only had he risen to great power, but he forgave his brothers, reconciled with them, and treated them kindly. As for the good which God brought about through the wickedness (and humiliation) of Joseph’s brothers, and through the righteousness (and strengthening) of Joseph, numerous lives were indeed preserved.

Therefore, for those who choose righteousness –for those who earnestly seek God and take refuge in Him– there is no suffering that is wasted, no hardship that is not being fashioned into good by God. Not only will wisdom, strength, maturity, and growth in holiness occur, but for many others as well, there will be deliverance from sin and eternal salvation.

And that is the purpose of our lives, is it not?

with love,

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