Fought, Finished, Kept

April 28, 2014

Anyone who has been in Christian circles has very likely heard 2 Tim. 4:7 quoted often. There the apostle Paul writes, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Church-goers encourage each other with this verse, especially in times of trial and suffering, and apparently they all believe they are adherents to what it is saying. But are they? Particularly, are those who believe God predestines all events, words, and thoughts, as well as the destinies of all the saved and damned, really fighting the good fight, running and finishing the race, and keeping the faith –that Faith which abides in the Truth? Or are they leaving the work solely up to God to do in and through them?

If someone is doing the latter, then he is not fighting, running, or keeping –the good fight, the good race, and the true faith. We must fight! We must strive. We must work. We must run. We must press on. We must endure. We must hold firmly to the Truth. We must apply it to our lives. We must continue till the very end.

The fight must be fought, not given up. The fight must be fought ourselves, not others asked of to hold our hands as if we can’t grow up. The armor must be worn. We must step into the fight and remain there, learning more and more skills as we do so. We must overcome, and we will overcome if we obey our Commander.

The race must be run. We must compete according to the rules. We must run wisely, pace ourselves, drink from the Living Well daily. We must not grow weary. We must finish the race.

The faith, the True Faith, must be practiced and applied. It must be obeyed. Always. Forever. Without ever turning aside.

Only by walking in these “musts” will a person come to that desired destination of eternal bliss called “Heaven”.

with love,

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