The “Impossible” Fool’s Destiny

April 26, 2014

God gives people many chances to repent. He waits patiently. (2 Peter 3:9) However, if a person remains obstinate after many exhortations, warnings, and rebukes, that person will be destroyed suddenly –and without remedy. (Pr. 29:1)

Those of us who spend a lot of time and effort trying to exhort sinning people to renounce and leave their sin, do care deeply. In fact, we have not only been chosen, we have also volunteered. (Isa. 6:8)

What we must remember, though, is that we are to use discernment about the duration of our appeals. If someone is unwelcoming at the onset, we should consider him, at least until further notice, unworthy of our time. (Luke 9:5) If someone reveals himself to be a fool, then wisdom offered to him will only be scorned. (Pr. 23:9) Exhorters should not bother with such a man very long, for his foolishness cannot be removed even if he be ground as if in a mortar. (27:22)

Wicked fools do sometimes repent. But it is almost always after they have had to have incredible humbling and pain. Only then do they possibly look up to God for forgiveness and help, open their eyes to their huge depravity, throw away their sin with loathing, and eagerly choose to walk the good and nobel path.

It takes a real miracle straight from God –including the miracle of His great patience with that fool who hangs over incurable destruction.

with love,

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