Photos Of Mom & Me Proclaiming

April 18, 2014

My mom wanted to pass out her Easter treat bags at the downtown bus and train stops, so the Lord gave us opportunity today on this Good Friday. I made a new sign this morning before leaving (the pink one in photo 4 below –note the message!) and passed out pretty cards with verses on them. As always, it was a wonderful time in, and from, the Lord, sharing the Good News with people, listening to them, loving on them, and praying for them.

We never carry our phones while out on the streets, but when we got back to the car at the end, we decided to take some pictures with our iPhones. (They turned out kind of dark, so I have lightened them.) I figured, though, that it might be fun for my regular readers to see them, being that I rarely post pictures of this ministry I’ve often written about.

We praise the Lord for the huge privilege of spreading the Word every way we can! And that we were able to do so downtown today!

with love,

1. Me in front of two of our city’s landmarks.

2. Proclaiming freedom.

3. Happy to be evangelizing.

4. The sign I made this morning.

5. My sweet, wonderful mom and mentor.

6. Mom, humble & powerful in the Spirit.

7. Holding up the last few of her treat bags left.

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