Homage To Images Is Not Okay

April 17, 2014

God’s Word commands it ever so clearly that God’s people are not to bow down before other gods or images and that we are not to worship them, serve them, give them homage, or follow any religious practices of those who are doing so. (Ex. 23:24) Instead we are to completely demolish their sacred pillars (same verse) by not only rejecting their idolatry as being legitimate, but by exposing it with the Light of Truth and as wickedness toward God. Only the Lord God is to be served and worshiped (v. 25) –a command given multitudes of times in Scripture.

There appears to be a huge upsurge within the “evangelical” church concerning the legitimacy of idolatry. Oh, it’s not called that of course, but while sneering at those who refuse to tolerate images and rosaries and other doctrines of demons, many attempt to intimidate God’s people into allowing in evil leaven. Nothing could be more vile, more rebellious towards God, and more damning, than trying to pollute pure Spirit-and-Truth worship to God with demon-worship. Yet this is exactly what they are doing who try to mix in to our worship to God their prayers to saints, Mary, or some other “higher power”. No, such worshipers are not worshiping the Lord (2 Kings 17:29-41), but are giving offerings to demons (Dt. 32:16,17 // 1 Cor. 10:20) who are masquerading as angels (or saints) of the Light. (2 Cor. 11:4,13-15) Yet even worship to real angels is strictly forbidden in God’s Word. (Col. 2:18 // Rev. 22:8,9) Therefore to think that it is okay with God that we accept forbidden worship into our fellowship is to be deceived. To try to participate in worship or petitions to both the Lord and to demons is detestable to God. (Dt. 18:9-14 // 1 Cor. 10:21,22)

Images are made by the hands of men (Ps. 115:4) and they are not alive in the least. (v. 5-7) Those who make them and trust in them will become like them –dead. (v. 8 ) Those who pray to them reveal that their hearts are deluded. (Isa. 44:20) Those who defend them as legitimate “are blind and ignorant to their own shame.” (See v. 9) Not only are their images frauds and worthless objects of mockery (Jer. 10:14,15), but those being “taught” by them are “all senseless and foolish.” (v. 8 ) Indeed, those who revere man-made images will be heavily judged by God for their wickedness in forsaking Him. (1:16) He will tear them to pieces (Ho. 5:14) and trample them in judgement (v. 11) because of their pursuit of idols, foreign help, and false refuges. (v. 11-13)

So, “What profit is an image, that its maker should carve it? What value is a molded image, a teacher of lies? How can a man trust in his own creation when he makes an image that can’t even speak?” (See Ha. 2:18) Seeking guidance from lifeless, though ornamented, wood or stone simply brings oneself under the wrath of God. (v. 19 // Mi. 6:16) For God, and no other, is to be feared, revered, worshiped, served, consulted, and regarded as mighty and holy. (Isa. 8:12,13,19 // Ha. 2:20)

Anyone who worships and communes with the True and Most High God, doing so in Spirit and in Truth as is required (John 4:24), would never consent to any participation or tolerance of bowing down before man-made images. In fact, in being obedient to the commands to flee from idols and idolatry (1 Cor. 10:14 // 1 John 5:21), the idea should be completely and totally repugnant. (Isa. 30:22)

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