Read Scripture Aloud With Family

April 16, 2014

My husband read aloud to me all of 1 Timothy today in our morning devotions. What a privilege to have God’s Word, to have it in our own language, to have it available in so many versions (and right there on the iPad), and to have all sorts of helps with which to learn almost anything pertaining to the Scriptures that we wish to know. Yet in spite of it all, most people, even those who say they follow Christ, seem to know very little about what the Word of God actually teaches. And regardless of whether they do or don’t know, most simply do not obey it.

Will any such privileged group be excused on that Day when we all stand before The Throne and the Books are opened? Certainly not.

Those who have God’s Word and all the help they need available to them, must be reading the Word, studying it, obeying it, proclaiming it, and discipling others. Our Lord has commanded us to do these things, giving us a full and adequate Book of instructions, comfort, guidance, and power. He has revealed to us His own life so that we can imitate Him, and He has given us His own Spirit through whom, and in whose capabilities, we are gifted to walk in.

In thinking of how I’m blessed to often have my husband read the Scriptures to me, I also feel sad. Sad for all the spouses who do not read God’s Word together, and especially sad for all the children whose parents rarely, or never, read the Bible to them, do not teach them the stories and characters therein, do not train them in God’s laws and commands, do not help them memorize Scripture verses, and do not model the conduct God’s Word teaches us to have.

For everyone who lives in a country where there is at least some extent of religious freedom, there is no good excuse for not taking advantage of the privileges one has. Including the privilege of reading God’s Word aloud with one’s family members.

with love,

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