Adhering To Truth’s Laws?

April 13, 2014

Just like the law of gravity, there are other “natural” laws in the universe. Knowing this should make it easier for us to understand that there are also laws of Truth. Therefore, if we do not abide by the Truth, then we bring harm into the equation.

People often wonder why things are not going well for them, their family, their relationships, their company, their church, etc. But why should they wonder? All they need to do is evaluate whether or not they are walking in the Truth. Comparing and contrasting their lives with the instructions for life found in God’s Word should certainly help in making one knowledgable concerning what is transpiring in one’s life.

Walking in the Truth does not mean we won’t have problems, but in the problems, we will have peace, a feeling of joy and security, and thoughts of gratitude toward God and for all He is doing for us and through us. In spite of the trials, we will be experiencing His hand of provision, comfort, and even deliverance.

Let us stop and ponder the track our lives are traveling and consider if that track holds firmly to the laws of Truth. For Truth does have real laws that must be adhered to. Otherwise we and others will suffer very unpleasant consequences.

with love,

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