My Mom Visits Her Dad As He Turns 103

April 12, 2014

This week my mom and I enjoyed looking at her photos of her recent ten-day trip to see her dad and spend his 103rd birthday with him. We are so thankful to the Lord for Grandpa’s continued good health in mind and body, for even at his age he claims no aches and pains! (Wow, don’t we all wish we had no aches and pains!) He repeatedly talks about how thankful he is to the Lord. His wife is doing fairly well too for her age, though they do have house help come daily to cook and clean for them at their home. (My mom’s mom died at 53 years old, but Grandpa’s second wife has been a big blessing to the family and we love her dearly.)

During my four years at college, I spent many vacations with Grandpa and his wife in this same house Grandpa built, and has owned and lived in since my mom was five years old. I, like my mom, have many good memories there.

Here are some of the photos taken during my mom’s visit to her childhood home:

My mom and my grandpa on his 103rd birthday 2 weeks ago.

Grandpa’s wife and my mom.

Note my grandpa’s shirt a cousin gave him.

Grandpa and his wife –Feb., 2014. (Photo taken by a cousin.)

Lots of snow out front window.

Three deer out front window.

Grandpa’s porch with snow scene.

Porch to garage. Lots of snow for early April!

We thank the Lord for beauty, for love, for protection, and for all the other blessings He bestows that are just too numerous to mention!

with love,

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