Savoring, Tonight, God’s Soothing Blessings

April 11, 2014

I sit outside in the back yard, savoring the peaceful breeze and the perfect temperature, and meditating on the many blessings God has brought to me time and again. The city’s noise of traffic drones in the distance, but untouched by that bustle, I am safe, undisturbed, and appreciative toward the God of all mercy, compassion, and power.

What would we do without God on our side? How would we fight the evil realm? We couldn’t. A horrifying reality would be ours.

But that is not the case, is it? We have the awesome, majestic Creator watching out for us, caring for us, guiding us, and even bearing us up on His wings.

The waxing moon, almost straight above me and encompassed by flourishing trees, and higher up, by wispy, gentle clouds, appears tonight to be a symbol of tranquility, of normality, of security. The stars, too, speak of God’s constancy, even when we on earth don’t feel very constant. I was afraid, in moving from our secluded country spot, that I’d not be able to see stars in the city, but I can see the brightest ones, even Orion’s Belt.

Brrrrrr… The breeze is starting to get a bit chilly.

So many things to be thankful for, though. I don’t want to go back inside just yet… I’m thinking of sooooooo many of the Lord’s kindnesses… and of the enormity of what He has brought us through… Being grateful to Him sure does help to clear up the path of all the clutter so that His presence can be felt again, fresh, strong, strengthening, soothing…

Definitely, no matter where we are, if we but stop and look around us, and start thanking God for all the good things we are taking note of, peace will flood our soul. And accompanying peace, will be joy and strength and faith. Because of God’s presence. Because of our choice to recognize all that we have to be grateful about.

with love,

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