Passive-aggressors Want Conflict

April 10, 2014

Anyone who has had to deal with someone who is passive-aggressive knows what a nightmare it is. Deliberately sabotaging any relationship in which they realize they have some dependance upon, either monetarily, emotionally, educationally, or otherwise, passive-aggressives, never having resolved their inner childhood anger about having to be dependent upon those who neglected their needs or wants, find emotional release in attacking, though indirectly, those who try to love them, help them, befriend them, or work alongside of them.

No matter how kind a person is to the passive-aggressor, no matter how tolerant and patient, the passive-aggressor, wanting conflict, will merely increase his ploys of cooperation-resistence. He does this so that the dread he has about possible conflict with the person upon whom he is depending, is actually fulfilled, though only within his calculated plan. This he orchestrates so that he, being in control of the situation, can remain calm and thus seemingly innocent of wrong-doing, or at least innocent of ill motive. Then, when the other person becomes irate at the P-A’s “unintentional” irresponsibility and procrastination, at his “accidental” negligence, or at what is “simply forgetfulness”, the blame can be redirected away from the P-A and onto the target of the P-A’s hostility. It’s really a very evil game, and it has likely caused untold anguish for countless souls.

Even though everyone has probably encountered in their lifetime some indirect aggression from a few people, there are some people out there who are real dangers –colossal dangers to one’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It is a subject, therefore, we should all educate ourselves on.

One of the best articles explaining passive-aggressive behavior can be read at this link:

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God loves P-As, but their behavior is unacceptable and should be confronted calmly and firmly, and if need be, very severe consequences enforced.

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