No God Or Savior But Him

April 6, 2014

The LORD declares that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any god but Him. (Isa. 43:10) “I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from Me there is no savior.” (v. 11) Yet in chapter 53 it is foretold that One would come whom the LORD would make to be a guilt offering (v. 10), for in being crushed and pierced for our iniquities, and by bearing our sin, then justification and healing, and peace with God, would be ours. (v. 5,11) This, we know, came through Jesus –God Himself in bodily form. (John 1:1,14 // Col. 2:9)

1 John 4:14 says, “And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the world.” The angels, when informing the shepherds of Jesus’ birth, said, “Today… a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11) Samaritans from a certain town, upon believing in Jesus, acknowledged, “We know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” (John 4:42)

Clearly, Scripture teaches us that Christ Jesus, God as a man, came to earth to “save His people from their sins.” (Mt. 1:21) John the Baptist proclaimed Him by saying, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29) Therefore, in saving us from our sins, Christ takes away our sins. Said a different way, in taking away our sins, Christ Jesus saves us from our sins. Thus salvation is to have one’s sins taken away. Having one’s sins taken away –that is salvation.

Does God’s Word teach that there is any other savior besides the LORD? Can anyone but Him save us through our faith in Christ Jesus –He who is the Door and the Way to the Father? (John 14:6 & 10:9) No. There is zero mention of anyone else. There is no mention whatsoever of Mary or of any of the apostles being doors or ways to the Father. It does not mention one thing about them or anyone else being any kind of savior.

There is only one Savior. His name is Jesus. And He is the embodiment of the LORD Almighty. He is “the child who was born, the son who was given” (see Isa. 9:6) and who is to “be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (same verse) There is no god and no savior apart from Him. No one else worthy of worship, no one else to be prayed to, no one else to be taken refuge in. There never has been, and there never will be –no matter how many other christs, gods, and saviors are invented and presented.

with love,

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