Research Findings About Reading God’s Word

April 5, 2014

Yesterday as I was driving, I turned on the radio and caught a good message on Focus On The Family. They were interviewing two researchers who were stressing the importance of reading God’s Word at least four times a week. They said that they found that those in their study who read the Scriptures three times or less each week did not display a lifestyle that could be distinguished from those in the culture at large, and that they actually seemed to behave worse. This, they said, seemed to result from attitudes that, because they considered themselves loved by a loving God, then God, in His understanding and patience toward them, gave them allowance for their sinfulness.

How prevalent this attitude does seem to be! Rationalizing self-centered behavior because they are the elite elect whom God has chosen to save, and whom God has chosen to keep saved no matter what they continue to do, lukewarm “Christians” do often sin shamelessly.

The researchers also found that 85% of those who call themselves Christian admit that they are regularly defeated by temptation.

I believe that statistic. For how often we hear fellow “Christians” complain of defeat and see that they do indeed seem to have no power to control their tongues, their lusts, their thoughts, and their behavior. Time and again they fall, and time and again depression floods into them, even though they usually say they don’t know exactly why. (Why?! Shouldn’t it be obvious that no matter how exciting sin claims to be, that to be led around by the nose by a wicked power would be cause for anyone to feel helpless and despairing?)

The researchers said that reading God’s Word four times or more a week greatly intensifies our ability to hear the Lord’s voice. They also said that it is important not to read just for knowledge, but for communion with the Author of the Book. I would add that, just as all intimate relationships require time, quality time spent daily is certainly best.

So, although I would say that eating Christ four times a week is really barely enough –for we should actually eat Him, the Word, daily if we want to be healthy and powerful spiritually and if we want to hear and discern God’s voice adequately (Jos. 1:8 // Ps. 1:2 & 119:97-102)– I would highly recommend that the whole program be listened to. The researchers’ findings are very interesting. And very important.

Here is the link:{A706E3B1-ED0D-4D6F-AD7F-247F34836112}

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