The LORD Fights

April 4, 2014

“The LORD is a warrior.” (Ex. 15:3) Therefore He fights. (14:14,25) He fights those who oppose Him. (15:7) In the awesomeness of His majesty, He hurls them to the ground. (same verse) He need only give the command, or stretch out His right hand, or blow with His breath (v. 10,12), and His enemies are shattered (v. 6), consumed like stubble in His burning anger. (v. 7)

Who, then, is the man who raises a fist or a word against God? Only a fool would attempt it. Yet fools abound, and because they are not incinerated immediately, they grow ever-bolder in their defiance toward the Holy, All-mighty, and Most High King. But like a wreath easily crushed, or liked a fertile valley or a beautiful flower, their glory is short-lived. (Isa. 28:1-4) For the Lord, the glorious Crown, the Spirit of justice, and the source of strength (v. 5,6) will flatten them with a hailstorm, a driving rain, a flooding downpour, and with a wind that destroys. (v. 2) The Lord will throw that prideful wreath “forcefully to the ground” (same verse) and it “will be trampled underfoot.” (v. 3)

Are we glad to see fools laid low? Yes and no. Yes, because through it they may come to their senses, cry out to God in repentance, and be saved from eternal agony. But no, because we warned them, pleaded with them, and prayed for them to come into righteousness so that they might avoid the horrible consequences their continued rebellion was piling up for them.

The Lord is no weakling, nor is He timid. Nor is He tolerant of those who keep on in their insolence. No, God merely waits. He waits for the right time, the ripe time, when His wrath will work His purposes. But is this the only reason God waits? Of course not. We know that God’s waiting is also His patience and compassion toward the rebel. Therefore the Lord sends, time and again, ambassadors, prophets, donkeys, signs, circumstances, hardships –anything that might get the foolish one’s attention.

Will the insolent one turn? Will he acknowledge that God is God and he is a piece of chaff? Will he come down from his throne of pride before he is reduced to ashes? Only God knows what the end will be. But… if someone has been praying… If someone has been standing in the gap… If someone has been pleading with the Eternal One to stay His hand of severest judgement… Then maybe that rebellious, wicked fool will open his eyes, give up his stubborn will, cry out to God for mercy and help, and repent.

It could happen, still, after all this time. It is possible, because all things, even impossible things, can be turned right side up with God. For “all things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27)

with love,

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