Fool’s Judgement Day

April 1, 2014

April 1st, also known by some as April Fool’s Day, was a day, as I was growing up, to try to trick people. However, my dad, who has loved to play jokes on people so as to bring excitement and laughter and competing jokes into the equation, taught us to be careful with our ploys for humor and thrill. He told us that although tricks can be fun, they can also be used as means by which to damage property or to hurt or humiliate others, and that all such pranks are to be considered strictly forbidden. Tricks and jokes, he taught, need to be harmless. Certainly, this is a rule every child should have been taught by their parents.

But, sadly, not all parents taught their children such a rule, or if they did, many children have strayed from obeying it. Consequently, we have a world that is filled with trickery, and this fact can be seen and experienced in advertisements, in business, in relationships, and in religious doctrines.

Though trickery has created much loss in every aspect, the worst loss will be seen and experienced when multitudes stand before God at The Judgement and realize that they were following a false christ, another spirit, a counterfeit gospel. There they will stand –speechless, terrified, condemned– before the Holy God whose words they chose to ignore in order that they might indulge the senses of their flesh and indulge their desire to be accepted by men. Only then will they realize the foundation of their spirituality was a hoax. Only then will they realize they were deceived, tricked, blinded, captured. Only then will their eyes be opened to their horrible sins of laziness, of self-centeredness, of self-pity, and of pride –all of which blinded them to the trickery of the devil who loathed their soul and wanted them damned.

In a world full of deception, we are all at risk. We therefore must be vigilant concerning anything that subtracts or adds to what is taught in the Word of God, and to do this, we must know the Word of God VERY well. This knowledge is accomplished only by meditating on Scripture under the tutelage of God’s own Spirit; but this takes time –something many people won’t take.

There is only one way to God. All other “ways” are counterfeits.

Israeliteindeed sent out a warning yesterday about this issue. Click here:

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God’s Word warns us that deception will grow stronger and stronger. May we all be on guard by knowing what His Word really teaches, by knowing intimately the One who wrote it, by being in constant communion with Him, and by carefully, diligently, and consistently obeying the commands of His Word and His Spirit.

May we not let ourselves be deceived.

with love,

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