Calvinism’s Gross Blasphemy

March 31, 2014

If there is a doctrine or a belief system that, when followed to its logical conclusion, is a blatant impossibility, then that doctrine or belief system is false. For example, if a religious group claims that no event, even no word, deed, or thought, happens outside of God’s foreordination, yet such a doctrine leads to the conclusion that God, who is always good and just, is therefore the originator and commander of evil, then that doctrine is not only flawed, but is false as well as evil.

Calvinism is just such a belief system. In taking it to its logical conclusion, it is impossible for anyone using honesty, reason, and logic, to miss the nonsense, absurdity, and impossibility of their claims. God cannot be good and at the same time be the One who decreed an evil and unjust action to take place. God cannot be perfect and at the same time order people to repent of sin whom He has pre-ordered to be irrevocably incapable of repenting of sin, and this for the purpose of (supposedly) obtaining additional glory by being justified in damning them.

Calvinists are very deceived people. Their desire to run with those who consider themselves to be the elite has brought them a strong delusion. Their arrogance, along with their insecurity and psychological “need” to belong to the “in” group, blinds them to the Truth in God’s Word. Their rebellion against God –their choice to turn from the Truth and listen instead to the Lie– is the root cause of their blindness and nonsensical reasonings.

The conclusion a person must come to if he is following the logic of Calvinism’s teachings is that God is fiendish, that He is both good and evil, and that He is actually both Satan and God. What blasphemy! Calvinists deny that their belief system does conclude this, but it does. For more understanding on why this blasphemy cannot be logically denied, read (and send on to others to read) this excellent article:

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